Hard Skills VS. Soft Skills – Which Is Most Important to Employers?

There has always been a battle as to which skill is most important – hard or soft skills. Before addressing that...

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Topics: hardskills, softskills, predictorsofsuccess, emotionalintelligence, EQ, employers

5 Most Common Mistakes Made by “New” Nurses & How to Overcome Them

You graduated from nursing school, passed all your exams, obtained your state license, and finally got a job as an...

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Topics: MedicalErrors, nurses, overcomingmistakes, inexperience, RN, commonmistakes

How To Overcome A Medical Error

Did you know that when clinicians make a medical error, it will force them likely to suffer burnout, depression, and...

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Topics: CommunicationAndResolutionPrograms, Clinicians, PatientSafety, BuildingASafeCulture, MedicalErrors

HHS and CMS Join Forces to Create and Unveil Primary Cares Initiative

The Health and Human Services (HHS) and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have unveiled the Primary...

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Topics: PrimaryCaresInitiative, CMS, EmpoweringProviders, Results, PaymentModels, PrimaryCareFirst, HHS, EmpoweringPatients, HealthcareSystem, DirectContracting

4 Ways to Attract and Retain Physicians in Rural Communities

Many healthcare organizations find it difficult to attract and retain physicians in “smaller” settings, in this case...

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Topics: physicianshortage, RuralCommunities, AttractPhysicians, RetainPhysicians

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